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My Progress

New Chart; (These are all in Kilograms not pounds) 

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List of Completed Goals;

GW1; 67.07 (147.9) 25/apr/11 {Completed 04/april}

GW2; 66.07 (145.7) 16/may/11 {Completed 18/april}
GW3; 65.07 (143.5) 06/jun/11 {Completed 9/may}
GW4; 63.73 (140.5) 04/july/11 {Completed 27/June}
GW5; 62.07 (136.8) 08/aug/11 {Completed 25/July}
GW6; 61.07 (134.6) 29/aug/11 {Completed 15/August}
GW7 (UGW); 60.07 (132.4) 19/sep/11 {Completed 22/August}

BMI: 27 14/feb (70.4kg's)
         25 14/march (68.2kg's)
         24 14/april (65.7kg's)
         23 5/june (62.7kg's)
         21.8 22/august (59.4kg's)

         21.3 14/november (58kg's)

Oh boy I can't believe I'm doing this.....ME; 

About 65.7kg's (144.8)


  1. You actually look pretty good! Keep up the great work, sweetie!

  2. You have a really small waist- more noticeable on the second photo :)