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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are you willing to do what ever it takes?

Are you? Will you really do absolutely what ever it takes to get to your goal?
Well I am. I now go to they gym at least 3 times a week.
I also bought these apps for my Ipod, one tracks my progress, the other is hypnosis.
Rick collins weight loss hypnosis, I have his 'super study' hypnosis and I believe it really works for that so why wouldn't it work for weight loss too?
I remember some of it and it sounded really good, like ' will eat moderate size health meals... when ever you feel like high calorie, sugary, toxic food you will hear my voice say STOP..' 'you will choose activity over inactivity'
blah blah blah etc etc etc, you get my point.
You have to listen to it at night 6 times a week for 8 weeks to really get the full effect apparently, but I'm willing to give it a go.

I believe in the power of the mind. It's such a power thing. He also gets you to visualise what you want to look like and will look like. It keeps your goal in focus. ( I want to look like that beautiful girl in the black dress)

When I go to hospital to get these 6 teeth removed, I won't be able to eat properly for over a week apparently, see as Ill have a mouth full of stiches. Usually the procedure takes 90minutes... my dentist has asked for over 3 hours!!!!
Well anyway, I've been freaking out for what the heck I'm going to eat seen as everything soft is like a gazillion calories. I found jelly that has like no calories which is great, but yesterday I also found these weight watcher jelly and fruit things which also are really really low in calories which is fantastic.
And soup, I also forget about soup! I'll make my own so I know whats in it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't let your brain sabotage results

So I read this news article entitled 'Don't let your brain sabotage results'
Here is the link, Ok, it may look like a long article BUT it is very very worth it;

For those who a lazy (Don't worry, it's taken me a week to finally sit down and read it), I have taken some of the best parts and put them below, BUT the whole article is really good.

"Why are bad habits stronger? You're fighting against the power of an immediate reward," 

It's the fudge versus broccoli choice - chocolate's yum factor tends to beat out the knowledge that sticking with veggies brings an eventual reward of lost weight.
"We all as creatures are hard-wired that way, to give greater value to an immediate reward as opposed to something that's delayed," Dr Volkow said.
Do you always snack in front of your favourite TV show? A dopamine-rich (Dompaine; A chemical which makes, seeks and creates pleasure) part of the brain memorised rituals and routines linked to getting a particular reward, Dr Volkow.
Eventually, those environmental cues triggered the striatum to make some behaviours almost automatic, she said. (Kind of like going to the movies and always getting popcorn)
Researchers say there are some steps that may help counter your brain's hold on bad habits:
-Repeat, repeat, repeat the new behaviour - the same routine at the same time of day. Resolved to exercise? Doing it at the same time of the morning, rather than fitting it in haphazardly, made the striatum recognise the habit so eventually, "if you don't do it, you feel awful", Dr Volkow said.
Reward yourself with something you really desire, Dr Volkow said. You exercised all week? Stuck to your diet? Buy a book, a great pair of jeans, or try a fancy restaurant.
Stress can reactivate the bad-habit circuitry. (Something we all know)
-Cut out the rituals linked to your bad habits. No eating in front of the TV, ever.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello there stranger

Hello from a stranger!
It's been a while since I was last on. I apologise. I've needed time to rest.
Update; My sister comes home tomorrow!
Then in 3 weeks we go on yet another international holiday. For me it will have been a whole year since I last traveled outside of the country. I miss it dearly.

My goal is still 55kg's. I aim to be this weight by the time I start university again (27th February). It's my final year (that thought is scary) and I want to look fabulous and feel great about myself.
I'm over wallowing in self-pitty. It's well over due to get up off my arse and do some work!
I'll be going to many different gyms with my sister when she gets settled back in because I know she'll want to loose all the weight she's put on- she's naturally thin so it will be easy for her.
When we go on holiday, even though indonesia basically lives off carbs, the hotel has a free gym and aqua aerobics classes which I intend on going to excessively and I will walk everywhere.

I'm excited for the possibilities of this year.

I'll also be going into hospital (at this stage on the 29th of February) to get SIX teeth pulled, 4 premolars and 2 wisdom!!!!! ARGH I've been avoiding this for so many years. Time to bite the bullet. Bonus; Soft food diet for ages. Bad side; ice-cream and milkshake temptation. When they weigh me before I go into surgery, I want them to be shocked. Hehe my little plan.

Thinspo inspired by the australian heat at this time of the year! I'm seriously melting.

Nothing is impossible.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012; The year for accomplishments and goal fulfilment.

Learning how to say no;
It’s the first step, well actually the second step, for me getting back into my healthy lifestyle. The first was choosing healthy options to binge on. It’s a work in progress, because obviously I don’t want to be binging at all. Today being the first day of 2012, I found myself actually making an effort to eat better. I still went out to this ‘healthy’ burger place for lunch with my parents, but it was because I wanted to, not for the fact that I wanted to eat the place down. I enjoyed the food and I was able to say no to an ice-cream.
It’s a step in the right direction and that’s all that I can hope for. Tomorrow I hope to go back to the gym.

 It’s 15 days until my sister comes home from overseas. She’s been gone a whole year and I really really want to impress her by looking fabulous, which means loads of hard work to get the weight off of which I’ve gained over the past week. Around 6kg’s.
I can’t give an accurate amount because I’m not getting on the scale. I think it would just make me depressed, so I figure I’m just going to work hard first and then closer to the date I will weigh myself. I’m also contemplating changing my weigh-in days to Saturday morning.
There are pro’s and con’s to this;
Pro; We go out a lot as a family on the weekend so I wouldn’t have to be anti-social or make my parents mad by going and restricting or just not going at all.
Con; I might let myself eat to much on those occasions because I figure it’s ok because I have the rest of the week to work it off.
Don’t know what I’ll do.

I hope this year is a great year for me, scratch that, this year WILL be a great year for me. I wish all of you out there the best year for accomplishing your goals and feeling great about yourselves. Happy New Year everyone! :)

New Year fireworks in Sydney, New South Wales; near the harbour bridge and opera house;