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Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday weigh-in 4th FEB 2013!!

By God's grace, I'm 63.9kg's today :D
 ... so I got a PEDICURE!

Biggest food struggles this week;
  Tomorrow I'm making curry. Holy bible I love that stuff.
  Even worse; Wednesday, I'm meeting up with my boyfriends Mum for cake and coffee (ie diet coke for me). I've checked my calories and will only have carrot cake (about 800cal per slice), not chocolate mud (1280 cal).
AND I'm going to cut half away before I eat it and take it to my sister to eat.
PLUS I'm going to get his mum to try some.
She is so sweet though. Seriously like a surrogate mum to me.

So... I said previously that I've never been on a cruise before.. well I thought I go spoilt on my graduation with all the presents I got.. turns out my parents go one more.. I'M GOING ON A CRUISE BABY!

Cue nautical thinspo!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Take a look back

I was looking at some photos of back in 2011 when I was thin. WOW. So much has changed.

I posted a photo on here of what I looked like at the time, I think it was about 59kg's which is the weight I'd like to be again. Here is the photo;

Taking a look back now, I'm actually quite impressed.
Collar bones, thin legs. (the one on the left was bent so it looks weird)

I decided to then go and try that skirt on again, I haven't worn it since that night.
Pfffffftttt! Yeah, not putting that on again until I loose a few kilo's! 
It wasn't stretched to the max, but my legs did not look appealing in it at all.

I was working towards 64kg's tomorrow (Monday), but I didn't do any exercise other then a few sit ups today, and yesterday I snacked quite a lot (on healthy food but still), which put my weight up 300g!! 
Sigh. I guess we won't know how badly I missed the mark until tomorrow.

On a positive note; I'm looking at doing a fundraiser 4km walk/run in May, I did one in 2010, and I'm hoping to beat my time of 32 minutes.