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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Take a look back

I was looking at some photos of back in 2011 when I was thin. WOW. So much has changed.

I posted a photo on here of what I looked like at the time, I think it was about 59kg's which is the weight I'd like to be again. Here is the photo;

Taking a look back now, I'm actually quite impressed.
Collar bones, thin legs. (the one on the left was bent so it looks weird)

I decided to then go and try that skirt on again, I haven't worn it since that night.
Pfffffftttt! Yeah, not putting that on again until I loose a few kilo's! 
It wasn't stretched to the max, but my legs did not look appealing in it at all.

I was working towards 64kg's tomorrow (Monday), but I didn't do any exercise other then a few sit ups today, and yesterday I snacked quite a lot (on healthy food but still), which put my weight up 300g!! 
Sigh. I guess we won't know how badly I missed the mark until tomorrow.

On a positive note; I'm looking at doing a fundraiser 4km walk/run in May, I did one in 2010, and I'm hoping to beat my time of 32 minutes.


  1. Your collarbones are amazing in that picture! xx

  2. :) thanks! Can't wait until they are like that again