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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012; The year for accomplishments and goal fulfilment.

Learning how to say no;
It’s the first step, well actually the second step, for me getting back into my healthy lifestyle. The first was choosing healthy options to binge on. It’s a work in progress, because obviously I don’t want to be binging at all. Today being the first day of 2012, I found myself actually making an effort to eat better. I still went out to this ‘healthy’ burger place for lunch with my parents, but it was because I wanted to, not for the fact that I wanted to eat the place down. I enjoyed the food and I was able to say no to an ice-cream.
It’s a step in the right direction and that’s all that I can hope for. Tomorrow I hope to go back to the gym.

 It’s 15 days until my sister comes home from overseas. She’s been gone a whole year and I really really want to impress her by looking fabulous, which means loads of hard work to get the weight off of which I’ve gained over the past week. Around 6kg’s.
I can’t give an accurate amount because I’m not getting on the scale. I think it would just make me depressed, so I figure I’m just going to work hard first and then closer to the date I will weigh myself. I’m also contemplating changing my weigh-in days to Saturday morning.
There are pro’s and con’s to this;
Pro; We go out a lot as a family on the weekend so I wouldn’t have to be anti-social or make my parents mad by going and restricting or just not going at all.
Con; I might let myself eat to much on those occasions because I figure it’s ok because I have the rest of the week to work it off.
Don’t know what I’ll do.

I hope this year is a great year for me, scratch that, this year WILL be a great year for me. I wish all of you out there the best year for accomplishing your goals and feeling great about yourselves. Happy New Year everyone! :)

New Year fireworks in Sydney, New South Wales; near the harbour bridge and opera house;

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