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Monday, January 17, 2011


So I've been doing more research and I am devastated to find out that my beloved Oreo's are high in calories- really, what else could I expect?- 3 Oreos 160 calories!!! 
I found a great website which tells me what weight I need to be at each week in order to achieve my end goal! YAY! It even says the exact amount of calories as well!! I love this sight. Tomorrow I'm going to print out my table and pin it up where I can keep track but my parents won't find it. I've decided not to start until I get back (in february). But I WILL start eating less and start to put some of the things I've researched into practice.

Start weight; 73kg’s (160.9) EWW Puke!
I'm going away soon so hopefully by the time I get back this number will be smaller.. even if it's not by much.

The great thing is, I actually felt full! Like really really full. I could have probably eaten ¾ of the sandwich I had for lunch and been nicely full but I felt like I should eat the rest and not waste it.

I really hate to waste food. Especially since so many people in the world get none. I think that’s one of my eating problems. I make sure everything on my plate is eaten even if I’m full. I’m going to change this habbit, even if I will feel guilty.
Today I chucked out half a vanilla (my favourite type) cheesecake, ¾ of a pack of timtams (they taste like crap anyway so this didn’t bother me too much), 1 full packet of mint slices. There is still plenty of junk food- aka chips etc- in the pantry, but because my sister isn’t home anymore there will be less in the house and once those are finished off- by my parents hopefully- there is no need to buy them again.

I’ve been looking at Jamie Olivers’ website for more healthy easy recipes because I do most of the cooking in our house. Some of the things are just so fatty I can’t even look at them, but others are really good.

Things I’m trying to stay away from; Pasta! ( I <3 carbs!), White bread, potatoes- because I now realise how many calories they contain!, rice, pastries, cakes & deserts.

I’m going to start doing the calorie-counting thing because I’m supposed to eat no more than 1600 per day. It will be interesting to see how many I actually eat :S

Breakfast; 1 glass of pepsi max (300mls)

2 slices of Rye bread
3 mini roma tomatoes
mint jelly
margarine (one side of the rye bread only)

1 glass of pepsi max (350mls)
Salad- 2 slices of tomato, lettuce
1 ½ tsp Balsamic vinegar for the dressing
1 1/3 cup Carbonara short pasta
2 tbsp frozen peas
¼ cup of chicken

Other; 1 bite of a white nectarine.. I couldn't stomach any more

I brushed my teeth after lunch so I would snack until dinner came around (I found it on a pro-ana site) and it actually worked! I'm going to do this when I'm able to. Uni is starting up again in just over a month so most of the time I'll be there which will be harder.

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  1. Wasting food is not fun. Luckily I live with roommates who buy their own food, so I make my own meals and am able to size them better so there's no waste or temptation to over eat.

    And what website are you using to calculate your daily calorie intake?