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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Keep going

I just have to keep going.
Just have to keep trying.

Today has been the first day I've actually been disciplined. 1 boiled egg for breakfast and a large apple. Lunch was a few slices of beetroot. Went out to dinner with mum and dad; only because they get really shitty with me now if I don't. So I went, but I was strong.
I filled up on water, and didn't eat one carb (except for about a tablespoon of chickpeas)- no garlic bread (even though they ordered it- i let them eat it),  I had a side salad, without the dressing, it was cucumber, lettuce, 1/2 cherry tomato, some carrot and a few chickpeas.
For drinks I has water and a large diet coke. I drank so much water that I almost threw up.

Thin. The end goal. Worth every fight. 



  1. I hate people getting shitty with me when I don't want to go out to eat with them. You did much better than I would if I go out for lunch. I either sit there and eat nothing or eat too much to shut people up. xx

  2. You did great, you deserve the end goal so much <3