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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (24.October.2011)

Well well, just as I was about to give up..
I made mum and dad go for a bike ride yesterday. We did about 7kms.
It was really nice because we rode by the water, there was a lovely breeze and the sun was out but with clouds. They really liked it and are now thinking of doing it more frequently. It's funny, considering they fought me the whole time before we went because they didn't want to do it.
So now, hopefully, mum and I will go again on sunday, except at a different place.

I'm now on prac for university again, which means much much more temptation and more food is essential because I find when I restrict, then I tend to almost faint- not so good.

Most important thing of all! This weeks weight!! 57.2kg's!!! (126.1) I was so amazed. I know its not going to last but oh man it was so good to see! Finally, some progress after so long.


  1. I told you you would lose :)
    So jealous of your weight right now! What I would give to be 9 lbs lighter and be your weight x

  2. Way to lose!!! Im completely jealous of your weight and now your gaining the support for your parental unit which is a major win! I wish I had that X/