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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, Christmas Eve & Christmas Thinspo

It's (was) christmas eve! Today's weight; 57.1kg's (125.9). It's not ideal, but it's a new low.

Thinness has a price. What are you willing to sacrifice?
The last two weeks have been extremely hard. This is a place where I know I can just be myself, so in all honesty, it's been what I imagine life is like with an eating disorder. My calorie intake was never above 600 or 700 a day- and that's talking absolute maximum.

The worst parts; I didn't even notice it, but I got into major trouble with my parents for my attitude and moods. I constantly focused on what my mouth was doing. If I realised that I had started to snack on something (not a main meal) then I would chew and spit.

My hair is shocking. It has never been so frizzy. It's horrible. My skin takes for ever to heal (not that it was exactly fast to begin with), I look tired and pale.

Surprisingly, I never really felt hungry. That probably has something to do with the amount of diet soft drink I was having. I will never do that again, 3-5 cans a day of sugar free stuff has caused my back and shoulder to break out in heaps and heaps of pimples. Oh my, it's disgusting and it's never happened before in my life.

Benefits; Tendons, collar bones, thigh gap, smaller clothes.
Worth it? To me, well, it's a tie. Yes and no. Yes because of the benefits, no because I don't like being moody, my skin was beautiful and my hair is destroyed. People, that was only 2 weeks worth.

It's now Christmas day (technically early morning (1am) on the 26th).. but I'm trying to recover from a food coma, seriously, I ate my whole 2 weeks worth of calories in one day. I now feel nauseous but at the time it was great to just indulge.

I also have some christmas thinspo! Please note that these don't really represent an Australian christmas. Luckily it only got up to about 33 degrees Celsius today. Last year it was over 40!

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