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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (12.December.2011)

Well I'm back from sydney. When I got on the scale the morning after I got home on friday.. 60kgs. 
I thought it would be much worse.
Seriously though I have like no motivation today and I have less that 2 weeks to loose 5kg's (11 pounds).
This mornings weight; 59.6kg's (131.4)

I know I’ve gotten larger because my hands are now fat. Yes thats right, my hands. Before you could easily see the tendons and stuff, now they are barely visible. Not to mention my legs. The don’t even have a gap anymore. I know that the one I had previously was only minor, but seriously, some gap is better than no gap.

Plan up until christmas day;
Gym almost every day; during lunch or at dinner, when not working.
Fruit and vegetables ONLY, except for egg, I need protein in there somewhere, and fat free salad dressing. I need to detox my poor body from all these horrible carbs. 

I need to work on my thighs especially. I keep doing the same boring exercise machines. I'm getting bored so I think I'll try some of the classes that are available at the gym like yoga and combat classes.

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  1. 59.6kgs isn't so bad- I'm sure that weight'll be gone ASAP now you're back to normal eating and a schedule :) xx