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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (28. November.2011)

Hellooo from SYDNEY!!! I can tell you firstly that I am loving the relaxation and all the HOT guys, seriously, so much tan and muscle, italian, greek and lebanese guys yum yum yum. I wish I still lived here, there are seriously no hot guys in Perth. 
My uncle and I went to a restaurant called Aria (It's very well know and it is a famous Australian chefs restaurant) right next to the Opera House, the day after I arrived. It was beautiful, it overlooked the beautiful Harbour Bridge as well and the water looked beautiful even thought it was over cast.
The food was exquisite and for once I didn't even think about the calories.

Life at my grandparents; Very hard food wise, their diet mainly consists of carbs, biscuits and cakes (I guess because its easy and cheap- thank gosh they don't live off fast food!) I've tried buying my own food and making salads etc etc but they get insulted and angry at me. I am seriously coming home fat. ARGH I feel like my hard work is going down the drain. I am going to have to go to drastic measures when I get home. Literally like no dinner or lunch, gym every day. 
At least I've been getting out of the house most days going for walks. Everything is so close.

Todays weight (according to my grandparents scales) is 60kg's.
I'm sitting here at macca's (McDonalds) on the free internet. 


  1. Best thing about McDonald's is the free internet haha. Ahh my grandparents have a similar diet to your grandparents. It's like carb city! xx

  2. That sounds amazing! I've never been to australia, but the stereotype seems to be that all australian guys are fit, so I'm sure even the guys in Perth are better than the English ones!
    try not to worry about the food too much, just enjoy yourself :)
    Haha my friends think I'm weird because whenever I go to MacDonald's I go for salad, coffee and wifi - apparently this isn't the done thing :P
    Lottie x