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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday Weigh-In (13th March 2012)

Yes, I am fully aware that it is tuesday.

Today is my mum's birthday :)
I was cooking all night yesterday with loads of desserts for her.

Well all 'issues' in the previous post have been resolved. Ha.

Today was such a great day, then it completely collapsed into a massive cave- to say it went down hill would be an understatement. My mum told my sister she doesn't love my dad. Way to tell a mentally unstable girl that her parents are only together to 'keep the family together'.
Everything on TV makes me feel sick, its either about sappy love- which my parents lack, or divorce. FUCK IT.

I binged on friday with my friend (sugar overload, honestly I felt so damn sick the next morning, it was like a sugar hangover).

But, monday's weight was 60.3kg's (132.9).
Goal weight 3; 60.67kg's (133.8); Completed

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