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Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Weigh-In (4th March 2012)

Well the surgery went well... then there was a complication.
I had 2 wisdom teeth and 4 pre-molars removed- as planned.
The wisdom teeth required stitches. The pre-molars didn't.
Complication; one of the premolars would not stop bleeding, and I don't just mean a bit of ooze, I mean pouring out blood. Is this common? NO. Of course not. I always have to have something go wrong!
They sent me straight from the hospital to my orthodontist (who did the surgery) and he has to put; get this; 8 NEEDLES!!! 8!! of adrenaline into the gum- oh yes, I could feel it (not bad enough to care), I was just concentrating on not throwing up. That wasn't all. 2 stitches as well!! I have to get them removed on friday, and the ones from the wisdom area.

I've only just started eating the last 2 days. Before that I couldn't be bothered.
I'm on pain killers which 'slow you down' intestinally- if you get what I mean, so I've been eating prunes to help but knowing the amount of calories that are in it is killing me. oh, and the prunes aren't helping!
So basically my period is late and I'm constipated. GREAT! NOT. ew.

On to business; WEIGHT; 61kg's (134.5) not bad.

Goal weight 2; 61.4kg's (135.5) COMPLETE

p.s. OMG the Taylor Swift concert was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and I got 2/3 of my hair cut off. I feel like it's a new start.


  1. Sounds so painful. Good luck CODENE FTW! Epic thinspo. Xo

  2. Ouch! 8 needles, wow. I'd've gone crazy! Love the thinspo xx