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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Date Day

Today I'm going on a date with my little sister (not so little I guess, 18 going on 19 years old)
I took her to the hunger games at the 'Gold Class' Cinemas, which is like a private cinema with recliner chairs instead and you get waited on, its great.
So she's taking me somewhere today, I have no idea what it will actually be, but by what I have to bring, I'm thinking it may be ice-skating?
We are going to breakfast at a cafe by the ocean, it's beautiful there but starting to get cold because we're going into autumn/ winter.  14 degrees Celsius yesterday morning when I went to uni and today its 12.
Then tonight I said we should go to see the Titanic in 3D at the movies so we are.

I've made a crucial decision to 'maintain' my weight for a while.
At least until I can properly concentrate on loosing it.
We are officially having a huge family christmas this year, with everyone I grew up with (before we all moved away to different states), and I will be 55kg's or less by then. It's not a maybe, because it will happen.

Currently 60.3kg's/133 lbs
When I look in the mirror I see fat and flab, just lacking the will power to do anything. I haven't done any exercise in so long, and because of the cold my motivation to exercise is becoming buried by my feather blanket!

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