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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Loss at last

It's exam week, I've completed 1 exam and the other 3 major exams will be next week.
I'm just taking every day as it comes, if I look too far forward I start to get stresses about the exams.

When I feel fat I can't concentrate on anything other than how fat I feel, so my study suffers. That's why this week has helped.

Since beginning the week on 64kg's, (141.1 lb/pounds) I have made a conscious effort every day to watch my intake. I eat a lot healthier, mostly green vegetable sand those high in folate (good for study/brain function), then other vegetables and fruits, egg for protein and porridge for breakfast to sustain me that way I don't snack. I have 1x multivitamin in case I don't get what I need in my diet for the day, and 2x 1500mg fish oil tablets for my studying.

If there is 2 pieces of advice I have it's these, and it's common knowledge:
1. ALWAYS have breakfast- you'll only slow your metabolism down and cause weight gain in the future
2. STOP SNACKING. It cuts out so many extra un-needed calories!
        Some days I get peckish around 3 - 4pm, I cut an apple into quarters, then I take 1 quarter, finey slice it and have that with loads of water. Some times your body really isn't hungry, it's just thirsty. 

I love chewing on gum, and during a day where I have an exam I will put a piece in before hand. Chewing gum improved brain recall and memory by up to 35%.

 I've started doing sit-ups again: 10 on monday and increase by 1 more every day. It's not much, but I can already tell the difference and at least it is achievable.

 So, I'm glad to say I've started to loose at last, in the weight sense that is. I weigh myself every morning   before breakfast, only in my underwear and after I've gone to the toilet. It's more accurate that way. (I've always done it like that)

This mornings weight: 62.4 kg's (137.6 lb/pounds)

It makes me feel great getting on that scale and seeing all my hard work pay off, it's better any any other high there could be.

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