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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (6.June.2011)

Wow can you believe it's June already!!! So my thinking was wrong, I'm only 64.1kg's (141.3) today. Man I really thought this was the week that I would break out of the 64kg area! We'll even though it's only 100 grams at least it's still going down. Exam study this week so I'm not expecting to lose any weight because I'll just be sitting on my arse all week. But next friday I will be working out really hard because I AM going to get off this plateau! My body is fighting me getting thinner, but my mind is stronger. I think once I get into the 63 kg area I'll be ok. I'm pretty sure it will just keep coming off.

On to other news, we went out to dinner tonight- against my will, I had 1/3 of my grilled chicken burger (no cheese, no ranch dressing), only lettuce, tomatoe, beetroot, and the bun, curly fries, bbq sauce and a coke zero.
I've decided to add 2 things to my forbidden food list; curly fries and subway cookies.
(Other foods on the list are; McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, Tim Tams, Banana’s, Brownies, KFC)

In my original plan, on this date I was supposed to be 65.07kg's (143.5). By the 4th of july I was supposed to be 63.73kg's (140.5). I WILL be 63kg's (138.9) or less.

Just one bit of thinspo;

I just found these photos;
(This girl has apparently the same weight as me)

This is her at 67kg's (148lbs)

And her again at 64kg's (140 lbs)

Apparently thats what 64kg's looks like. Well she must be 1 in a million cause my body sure as hell doesn't look anything like that and I'm 64.1kg's. I guess everyone is different, but I'm sorry I just don't believe it. Ok I just realised that she does a whole bunch of exercise so all her weight is muscle! Well that makes more sense.


  1. Well, and how tall is she? If she's taller like 5'8" or something then her looking that that is totally understandable. Four inches makes a huge difference in weight proportions.

    My no-no list also includes McD's and any other fast food restaurant that sells processed food. I guess I'm sticking to Chipotle...

  2. I'm 5'3" and just under 140 lbs now (138! :D) and I still don't look like that! My stomach especially and I've been feeling good about it recently :(
    Today was one of those days where I just feel so damned heavy without reason.
    I've eaten healthily, I've exercised and my stomach is just sticking out so darned much that I swear it looks how it did around 160 lbs! I'm not impressed with this, it usually looks closer to that girl's but without as much muscle :(