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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A real life discover channel program

I swear to goodness I'm like a fricken bear about to go into hibernation. I am SO fucking pissed off to the max. Don't cross me because I could chuck a plate at a wall right now. Obviously just weighed myself.
Fucking 65.6kg's (144.6). Fuck my life and kill me now. A little dramatic? I think not!
Fucking pasta. It's going on the list. Yep. It is. Never thought I'd see the day but it's here.
What the fuck happened? I can't stop eating. It's like if I ate the whole cupboard it still wouldn't be enough.
I didn't even binge on the spaghetti or anything.
Please excuse the language. I am just more than a tad frustrated.
My life is like a Discovery Channel documentary. I'm the bear and my body is going into hibernation and storing every thing it can.
It's been raining outside for the last week so I haven't been able to exercise, but tomorrow I'm going to set up the playstation and connect the Eye Toy, and Dance Mat to it so I can exercise inside and burn a mother load of calories this coming week. 63.7kg's (140.4) by Monday 27th of June. Oh I tell you I will work my arse of until then because I want to see that number.

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