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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I left my resolve in that country town

My determination this week has been nonexistent to say the least. I'm eating like that person from January. Where did all the willpower go?? I know I will either gain or not loose much this week. I'm totally disappointed in myself because I could have made it into the 61kg area.
My parents fly out tomorrow. I'm kind of numb actually, I'm not sad or anxious or anything. Hopefully I can use my mum's gym membership for the month and the people there won't know it's not her- only bad thing here is that it had my mum's date of birth on it and I'm pretty sure I don't look that old.

My aim for while they are gone is to go to the gym at least 3 nights a week instead of eating dinner. Plus they have a pool so it will be easy to waste time burning calories.
I will be at least 59kg's (130.1 lbs) by the time they get home.

Went to the movies with my friends yesterday. It's become a habit to not buy something, so it doesn't even bother me when people are eating popcorn or lollies or ice-cream etc.
One of my friends has lost a tone of weight since we last met up and I'm actually really jealous. She looked so good and even though she is still bigger than me, the weight just seems to be falling off her, so I need to make sure that the next time they see me they will be shocked at how good I look.

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  1. one of my closest friends is losing alot of weight atm to, im secretly racing with her, shes still much bigger than me people say but it just feels like shes gaining on me. its good to have that push. hope your folks have a good flight! much love and be strong. xx