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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (18.July.2011)

I'm backkkk. And thank goodness for that! The first few days went really well. I basically fasted for the first day, then I kept doing well.... until the cake came out. Do you seriously know how hard it is to resist food when there is a chef cooking??!! Made my life hell. It was all vegetarian food but still, it contained stuff that I normally wouldn't even touch.. like cheese, lots and lots of cheese.
I don't think I've ever mentioned it before but I LOVE CHEESE! Always have, but recently (aka the last few months) I won't even touch the stuff, but of course, I ended up having that as well.

I ended up having about 8 squares/slices of cake, heaps and heaps of cheese, then on the second last day, I totally went crazy and stuffed my self silly.. TWICE! Lunch & Dinner. Oh boy, it was not a good experience. I also broke my forbidden foods list. I ate pasta and Oreos. The pasta was beyond my control because of the situation I was in, but I should have avoided the Oreos.
THEN on the Sunday, I ended up having a full meat pie, pastry and all, PLUS a custard/cream pastry dessert. My dad said it was a good thing because I needed to let loose. But honestly, I am disappointed in myself for not having as much strength as I had hoped.

I was sure I had gained at least 1.5-2 kg's (3- 4lbs)....

Anyway todays weight was 62.2kg's (137). Yes it is a gain and not a loss, and it makes me think of what I could have been if I hadn't binged, but I am grateful that it isn't more.


  1. That's not a big gain at all! Don't worry about it. You can lose that weight and more in no time! Just eat healthy and exercise and the weight will fall right off!

  2. That's a tiny gain- you'll get that off and more by next weigh in :) x