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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (25.July.2011)

Well well well, I told you so. A tiny loss this week, 61.9kg's (136.5 lb). I'm going to the gym in a few hours. I'm feeling really unmotivated because it is a beautiful rainy day so I'll defiantly go for a swim and I think I'll do a little bit on the treadmill before hand, just depends how I feel.
Goal for this week; To eat very little junk food. Goal weight; 61.4 or less.

Parents have gone so the house is mine! I've already chucked out a packet of timtams (chocolate covered biscuits), not before eating three though.

More Than Me; I've decided to race that friend of mine as well, I want to be the skinniest and I will be. It is good motivation because I want people to notice my weight loss.


  1. awesome :) im uber competitive so its working great for me, i saw her last night, im beating her :D greatest feeling, better than chocolate lol. good luck! much love and be strong. xxx

  2. I have people I race too :P I hate hearing how well they're doing- especially at the start of their diets. I have to beat them. Good luck xx