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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The struggle with food continues

Thank you kes, I needed reminding of those points. I implemented that brilliant strategy straight away. Yesterday (Monday) I had around 1300 calories (max)- mainly thanks to my mum making a roast. Today I am hoping for around 700 calories- this will be hard because we have to go out to dinner to celebrate our family friends becoming Australians.
My plan; 1 boiled egg, 254ml of OJ, ¼ an apple for breakfast. Lunch; ¾  an apple, coke zero. Dinner; some type of salad; avoid carbs and anything deep fried at all costs. No chips, no bread, and especially no pasta.

(Breakfast and lunch completed!; total calories thus far= 280) lets hope dinner is as successful!

P.s. In previous posts I've mentioned a friend of mine that I am now competing with (little to her knowledge), well today I found out that she has lost 14 kilograms!!! 14 KG'S!!!!!!! ARGH (31 lb). In only a few months. I AM DEVASTATED! 
Why is it so easy for her when all I seem to do is struggle?? AND what makes it worse; the fact that she still eats all the shitty food; McDonalds, chocolate bars, lollies, carbs, soft drink etc etc 

Edit; just got back. After the ceremony there was deep fried snacks and savoury pastries available, and I was so tempted.. but I prevailed!! yay me!! then at dinner; I ordered a chicken caesar salad (yes i know what your thinking, BUT..) I ordered it without croutons, without bacon, and without dressing! though I did add tomatoes so it wasn't just lettuce, cheese and chicken. It was huge and I ate the whole thing without feeling guilty.
Today was a great day, I just hope tomorrow is just as good. 

Taking one day at a time.  Wednesdays goal?  Thursdays goal; 500 calories & no OJ with breakfast 

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