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Monday, February 14, 2011

D Day!

"Every achievement starts with the decision to try."
So yesterday was Day 1 of my journey towards being skinny. (14/Feb/11)
As of then here are the stats; 

Weight; 70.4 kg's (155.2 pounds)
Time; 3.10pm

Measurements; (inches)
         Bust; 37
         Under Bust; 32.5
         Waist/ Belly button line; 36.5
         Hip; 41
         Thighs; Left- 25
                     Right- 26
         Calves; Left- 14.5
                      Right- 14.5
          Arms; Left- 13
                     Right- 12.5

I have a fantastic range of thinspo which helps with my motivation. I found this fantastic blog with so much thinso!   ~ just in case you want to have a look!

This mornings weigh in; 70.1 kg's (154.5)

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