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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Up date

So luckily last nights crisis was averted! Yay me!
Usually I would have gone for it and just gave in, but this time I decided that my life has to change, and yes it was only one tiny chicken kebab stick but why not then? To me it's the little steps that count.
Again my favourite thinspo site also has some great quotes one in particular keeps replaying in my head every time I go food shopping or even when I'm at home and there are carbs around;
"Don't let today's moment forsake tomorrows dream"  I <3 this quote! It sums everything up perfectly and it makes me remember that if I eat that extra bit of chicken or have some more ice-cream,
then I'll regret it tomorrow.
Anyway I'm feeling desperate for a weigh in even though my official weigh-in's (to keep track of where I am on my date sheet) are only on mondays, I'm dying to find out how I'm going.
I am being smart about when I weigh myself because I do it as soon as I get up and I'm always only in my bra and underwear. This way there is no excess food/ fluid intake to be responsible for higher numbers and clothes won't affect the number either.

P.s. Another small step on my part; I've decided to give up my cake baking shows on foxtel (cable TV). It wasn't as hard as I thought, plus it always made me hungry so I'm glad it's gone. I've also been looking up recipes on Jamie Oliver's website, but you have to be really careful doing this because some of the things are just loaded with calories!

Bye for now

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