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Friday, February 25, 2011

Self Frustration

This mornings weight; 67.7.
I started university again today. It was great to get back into it. But on the food front.....
Well stupid me has ruined any chance of that weight staying because I decided to go and eat a whole 1362 calories. I feel utterly sick and frustrated with myself. I didn't even put up a fight. I just let myself eat that extra piece of chicken and those few biscuits and WHAM the calorie count was up.
I feel like there is fat just sticking in my mouth because of all the stuff I've eaten.
Well I guess there will be no party dress to fit into tomorrow. ARGH. I was doing so well and then I destroyed my progress.
I can only imagine what tomorrow's weight will look like. * Sigh *

1 comment:

  1. Your strength and motivation is very encouraging.

    I know I am posting this on the day that you felt you failed, but honestly your posts for February are an inspiration to me. Even though you slipped here or there you have stayed true.

    And don't worry about keeping the weight off. It's all about breaking your bad habits to create better ones. Once you reach your goal weight you should be able to recognize what you should eat and shouldn't eat.

    I look forward to reading your March entries.