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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not good enough

Current weight; 69.1 (152.3)
I was at the shops today and while looking through some brochures I started to notice that I thought the models weren't thin enough. I'm talking the underwear models here, so yes they have nice boobs and a flat stomach but their thighs were not small. They (the models) weren't good enough.
In my head I have this vision of what I will look like, and I'm not going to stop until I get to that image.
I jump on the scale some mornings and even though the number is smaller  I still wonder if the weight is coming off too fast, which then means the number is bound to go up the next day. So I feel like I'm always waiting for it to go back up. I can't just enjoy what the number is today because I'm worried about what it will be tomorrow.
I'm doing well with the calories though, I'm keeping it on average about 1200, 200 less than what it should be for this stage, but I'm happy with it. I'm not hungry- most of the time.
Tomorrow is going to be a bad day for calories because we are going to my favourite ice-creamery & chocolate factory, not to mention the nougat (1 piece of 8g vanilla soft nougat is 35 calories!!! ARGH).

But I've already figured out a plan of action, I will only have 1 scoop of ice-cream and it will be in a cup not a waffle cone, 1 tsp of milk chocolate & 1 of white chocolate will be allowed, and only 1  8g piece of nougat if absolutely necessary.
Wish me luck!

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