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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If you haven't already been there, do so! It's sooo sooo soo soo fantastic. 
This chick is awesome, totally skinny, and has done it the healthy way! Total inspiration. 

Had an ok work out today, the gym I went to mega sucked so I won't be going there again, that leaves me gym-less for tomorrow :(  Good thing is, I didn't stop until I was sure that I would either pass out or have a heart attack. My maximum heart rate when exercising should be 160, I was going above 180 and I could feel my heart beat in my head (if that makes sense), so I really did have to stop. After I finished there is a flight of stairs you have to go down to get out, well I had to take 2 then stop, because my legs were so wobbly! 
I think I might go for a walk before breakfast, then maybe even a swim... I know I'll be sore after today so I'll keep it easy.
Ate a whole piece of fish with dinner, it was too much and I knew it, I should have only had 2/3 instead. Some times I could just kick myself.

79.2 minutes total; I did a bit of cycling, cross-trainer, stepper and treadmill- I really want a treadmill for my house, think of the calorie burning possibilities! but they're just so expensive.
Total calories burned today; 475  

This weeks personal goal; 64kg's (141.1).

P.s. To calculate your heart rate ranges;

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