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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mini Goal

Todays mini goal; no bread after breakfast and no snacking on sweet food/ cakes during the day.
Writing it on here makes it real, solid. I will achieve this, I know I can. I'll continue this post later tonight after prac is finished for the day.

Afternoon Entry;

I totally completed that goal! Yay me!

Replies to comments;
Kes; Thanks :) I think riding back was the hardest part.
Pariis; I will do it again! I'm excited. I have to wear latex gloves on my placement for prac and my hands came out in a rash and mega dry skin thats how I found out. Yeah I weigh once a week, and I've been taking the stairs and doing a bit of walking so the numbers are going down, just very very slowly.
Gianni; Those are actually just before and after photos from the internet, until I actually have improvement to show I probably won't post any of me. And thanks for the motivational words :) Do you have a blog? If so, can you post me the address of it? eg;


  1. Yay! I'm glad you did it :D I love hitting goals, no matter how little they are xx