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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (23.May.2011)

Straight to the point; 64.3 kg's (141.8) this morning ( I ended up 64.4 kg's - 64.7kg's last week).
When I started this journey an AUS size 16 (US 12, UK 14)  pair of pants were getting tight on me.
I can officially say that I can now fit into an AUS size 12 (US 8, UK 10) for my top and pants. The pants are still a tad tight around the thighs but they aren't bursting at the seams.
I needed a new pair of pants for my practical placement for university because my size 16 now fall off.. YAY! I ended up finding a pair of 14's which I hadn't warn since high school (2 years ago) and they are loose on me.
I also do volunteering and we have to order a top, last year I ordered a Large- yes it was a bit too big but it was comfortable. This year I ordered a Medium.

I started prac as a part of my university degree today. I will be doing 8hour shifts every week day for 2 weeks, so this week my aim is to eat healthy but to not be too strict on calorie intake because my body will be working hard (I'll be on my feet for most of the 8 hours).
This weeks personal goal; 64kg's (141.1) or less. -- Lets see if it actually happens this time.
I am going to take the stairs instead of the elevator at 'work' (while I'm on placement/prac) and try not to snack on the cakes and biscuits they have for the patients & staff.
I've been around the 64kg mark for too long now and its making me crazy! Bring on the 63kg's!

This will be me because I have that top, I have those jeans, I've had that hair and I WILL HAVE THAT BODY.

I am saying YES to beautiful bones.

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