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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (16.May.2011) thank you for your motivational words, you give me strength when I feel I have none at all. Although it is coming up to winter where I live, I get what you mean, I will look good for winter! 

64.4 kg's (142), I'll do it again tomorrow just to be sure because there is no way I believe that. 
Winter means; comfort foods... :(  lots of pasta, soup with bread.. lots and lots of bread, porridge with skim milk and brown sugar, less day light hours, earlier dinners, cold body, tight top.. oh the tights long sleeved tops, I will look good in them this year. I want to be in the 130's so bad. It will happen this week. I won't stop until it does.

Wilma; I agree totally, when you weigh yourself more, you gain weight. It's a fact (for me at least)

I really have to start planning this weeks meals because I am stuck for ideas.

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  1. Hello dear, first off, oh my lord! you are doing so well with your weight loss! Im so glad to see that your doing great. 142 lbs is wonderful, so proud of you :)

    second, tumblr is easy and great. Just make one and im sure youll find your way. there are so many people on there who motivate and if you do make one, we can be motivational buddys!

    Basically what you do is reblog pictures you like and what not. you can also have a progress blog where you can SEE the diff in your body with pics! Please oh please make one, id love for us to be buddys on there :)

    xoxo, pariis