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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday Weigh-In (02.May.2011)

 65.2kg's (143.7). It's not the personal goal weight I set myself, but after the week of bingeing that I did it just wasn't realistic to think I would be 65kg's (143.3). Feeling really blah.
This weeks person goal; 64.8 kg's (142.9) or less.
Mental health assignment is taking SO long!!! Can't wait till it's over.

I've been weighing myself every day, like a million times a day, anyway I'm trying to stop doing that because if I see a smaller number it makes choose unhealthy options to eat, because I'm like 'oh ok, well the number is smaller than it was yesterday so I'll go have that cookie now', 'that cookie' then turns into 'those cookieS'. NO MORE.

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  1. I weigh myself a million times a day too. BUT I just read a study that said those that weighed themselves everyday lost more weight than those that don't :-)