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Monday, May 9, 2011

Hate on Me

“...go ‘head and hate on me hater, ‘cause I’m not afraid.. you can hate on me..’

Yes I am a glee lover.

This song describes how I am towards myself. Confused yet?
Well, it’s like I have split personalities really. Some days I feel like I’m doing well, yesterday I actually thought I could see the person other people say I am and how much weight loss I’ve achieved. I was sick of hating on myself all the time.
Now I’m back to hating what I see.
In a way it’s good. It motivates me to do better, loose more weight and become pretty.

I FINALY handed in my mental health assignment yesterday. Pretty sure it cause me mental health problems :P  I ended up having breakfast before I could weigh myself so I did it today instead.

Personal goal for this week; 64.8 (142.9)
Current weight; 64.3 (141.8)

Verdict; Very pleased. I’m so close. It feels like its taken forever.

My parents are going away in about 3 months and I can’t wait. I’ll be home for ages by myself, which mean I get to control EVERYTHING I eat. It’s going to be great. I’m going to hopefully be 60 (132.3) or less by then.
I have heaps of stuff coming up and then I’ll be away for a few weeks with no internet access so don’t be surprised if I don’t blog- but that’s in July. Like I said, ages away.
My family is going back to the way it was many many years ago, when we were happy. I love it. I missed it.
My parents randomly decided to take me out to breakfast the other morning because I’ve been studying so hard. On mothers day my parents bought me a triple choc muffin mix.... oh man... three things I love combined in one, chocolate, carbs (carbohydrates) and deserts. It’s going to be dangerous when I make these, because I’ll end up eating wayyyyy to many, so I’m not making them until I get a chance to go the gym to burn of the calories I know I’ll eat.
Next weeks personal goal; 63.8kg’s (140.7).

How are you girls?? Where’s your weight loss (or gain) at?

I think this applies to my goal. I wonder if you’ll understand what I mean...
Don’t try and shove a double quarter pounder in your mouth all at once; you will fail. Instead, break it into achievable bite size pieces; You will get there in the end.

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