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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girly problems and all..

Well, I must say I'm not really one to talk about this kind of thing openly, not with my friends or family (including my mum), but this is my blog and I feel safe here.
Anyway I just figure out that.. I haven't had 'that time of the month' in about 7 weeks... I don't know what to do. Do I go to a doctor? I'm not really concerned, I look at it as more of a positive thing; hey, who wants that annoying thing anyway.
I was thinking that it could be because of my weight loss, but I'm in the healthy range for my age and height so I don't know. Has anyone else experienced this?
Oh, I should mention that pregnancy is an impossibility and I'm not on birth control or anything else that could be messing with my hormones, and I am not some super athlete.

P.s. Went a bit overboard with the calories at dinner, so I'm doing a liquid fast at breakfast, then gym for 40 minutes, then meeting with a friend and my god sister for a 'coffee' and 'cake' (for me it will be a soy chocolate milk shake or hot chocolate and hopefully nothing else).


  1. Extreme stress and extreme/rapid weight changes can cause missed periods. If you know you aren't pregnant, you can go to a doctor if you want, but if you have no other symptoms of anything, you probably wouldn't need to go. The doctor would probably do some tests and say it's from stress or extreme/rapid weight loss, which might point to eating disordered behavior. Just make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals.

  2. I second the stress. Happened to me all the time in school around exams when there was absolutely no way I could be pregnant, wasn't on birth control and didn't fall into an underweight category. Kes has already said what I was going to say really :)