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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What did I do

Oh man, I really stuffed up. Not feeling crash hot. Started the day of really bad and it's ending on a bad note as well. For breakfast I had I had oat pancakes- I haven't had pancakes in over 7 months. Well, it turns out that they taste really good...but they are really really heavy- as in the feeling you get in your stomach later on.

So that was breakfast, lunch was an apple, a small mandarin, and a few slices of beetroot. That was ok.. but dinner.. oh boy.. that went so bad. I ordered fish and chips. I almost ate the whole lot. It's left this horrible oily sludge coating the inside of my mouth. It's so nasty, not to mention how bad I feel now.

Tomorrow- unless I get called into work- then I'm going to the gym and my goal is to burn 500 calories. That's what I think this crappy dinner was worth, and there is NO WAY that I'm letting it destroy all last weeks hard work.

Kes- Thank you for your support :)  It is much appreciated.

Right now I feel like this;

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  1. I can't eat anything really fatty now because I get that too. Sometimes it sucks. You can get back on track tomorrow :)