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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Glad to say that I had at least some self restraint after going out to dinner last night.
1 spring roll, ½ Vietnamese fresh spring roll, 1 mini satay chicken stick, 3/4cup rice, 1/3 cup of garlic lamb. Went to maccas (McDonalds) for desert and I didn’t get anything. I felt sick. I told myself that I was fat enough and I wasn’t hungry anyway.
Feeling a bit better than yesterday, but still kind of numb I guess, like I honestly hate everything and everyone, especially food.
At 6.30am; I had to see the damage I did after yesterday; 67.3kg’s (148.4), I don’t believe it’s accurate, so I’ll check again tomorrow. It must be an anomaly. 

Breakfast; (70) vanilla yoghurt

Lunch; lettuce(4), tomato (21), 20g feta cheese (44), ¼ chicken-no skin (114),  
1 hard boiled egg (68)= 251

Muesli bar; 110

M&M cookie; 212
½ Chocolate chip cookie; 105

Chicken strip wrap with lettuce, tomato & cucumber; 307

1200 calories max including drinks, feeling way too full so i'll reduce to 1100 from now on. Usually I can keep to under 1000 and I don't even try. Had subway for dinner and I love the cookies (as you can tell) but I over did it and now I can feel the price, so bloated.

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