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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hair Cut :)

So I had my hair cut!! 17cm taken off!!
I feel like it's so short but everyone keeps telling me it's still very long. I really like it, it looks healthy and because of my fringe (bangs) it gives me a new look.
We went out for breakfast in the end, i thought it was only for a coffee (I don't drink coffee like I've said before but they have other stuff), I ate a fricken blueberry danish (300 calories), but it made me feel really sick after then I walked for 10 minutes to the hairdresser. Lunch; a pear (93)  & 5x Philadelphia cheese with crackers (100) & Iced lemon tea (100). Dinner; oh you'll never guess in a million years what happened with dinner, we had friends over and.... had a barbecue (big shock- can you hear the sarcasm?), but I was to busy studying to snack, so dinner; piece of steak, salad, 1 egg, desert was the fricken killer; 300 calories!!!!! :(
All up like 1400? *Insert sad face here* Oh well, what's done is done, all I can do is try harder tomorrow. I'm only a failure if I give up. I'm going to re-do today, tomorrow. I am going to try to sleep in and then get up, do my sit-ups (I do 30 tomorrow to make up for these past few days), have my 250 calories (maximum) for breakfast, water until lunch, lunch; sandwich- grain bread, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, small amount of feta cheese & chicken. Water, Ice-tea & sugar free gum until dinner. Dinner; tuna mornay with brown basmati rice.
30 sit-ups also done today.

Oh and note to self; never leave two 11-year-olds alone in a bath room with candles! I just found wax everywhere!!!

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