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Friday, March 18, 2011

Zombie much?

I am so damn tired! I feel like a fricken zombie this morning. It's saturday and i cant even sleep in!! I have fricken training to go to at uni, then I have a church thing on, I get to see all my friends that live ages away from me because they're coming up where I live to go to it. I've only just started (very slowly) practicing my religion again. I'm not as strict as I used to be, mainly because I'm a pretty chill person. I think I'll be a definite bridezilla though! My wedding is the one thing (other than my body) that has to be perfect I've been planning it for years.. now to find a man.. lol! 
I can finally feel my clavicles, I have been able to for a while now but I just love to feel them because it makes me think I'm skinnier then I really am. This mornings weight; 67.6 kg's (149). *Sad face* Earlier this week I was 67.2. I know the exact weight because I have electronic scales. Have to go for now, I'll be back eventually. 

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