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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well all I have to say is; FUCK.
I'm not usually one for swearing but I just added up my calorie intake for today. I ha no fricken idea how bad it was. I had my friends over for a barbecue- worst mistake ever, I won't be doing that again- that was at least 700 calories alone, then adding on the fact that I went to Dome cafe today and had a chocolate frappe AND melting moment= there goes another 500 odd calories, then add lunch 120 calories and breakfast 180, I WANT TO DIE!
I am starting to see a pattern develop and I don't like it. Every time I do well, I subconsciously go and eat heaps of calories which makes me gain it all back on! Well now I know and its NOT going to happen again.
I feel like I want to vomit. Honestly if I didn't have an anti-gag reflex then I would be at that toilet seat right now throwing it all up, UNFORTUNATELY  I can't force myself to throw up even if my life depended on it. Been there, tried that, its impossible for me to do, my body just doesn't want to do it.
I am not eating dinner tomorrow to make up for it, and no more deserts, including cake for my mum's birthday which is tomorrow (13th March), or soft drink- even the diet stuff(for at least a week). I am also going to do 50 sit-ups tomorrow and go for a 10 minute walk.

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