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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A harsh reality

That get together with a friend earlier today? well it turned into lunch instead. I didn't mind, it was great to spend time with her. I was so full after lunch that I ate nothing else, not even dinner.
My friend called me up and asked if we could go out for tea (dinner) I made up some lame excuse so I wouldn't have to go.
I know she sees right through me, but honestly I don't care. She sees through the lies but will never know why. She will be the one I have to watch. I'm isolating myself from her, it was purely by accident but I recognise why, she just doesn't understand. I have to be perfect. My body will be the way I want it.

For her it's ok if she is bigger, that's her choice, for me, fat is not an option. I'm sick of being a chubby ball of lard. I know she judges me because of my choice, but I'm doing it the healthy way.
She lives of the excuse 'I'm big boned'. What a load of bullshit. It's a lie, to cover up the laziness.
Harsh but true. Now I feel mean. Oh well, time for bed. Night.

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