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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monday Weigh-in... 14/3/11

Going to cut to the chase;  68.2 kg's this morning, thats 150.4 pounds
Feeling good. Goal weight for this week was; 69.07kg's. Personal target; 68.5.
Goal weights I have to meet each week, they are how I keep track of where I'm at in a larger scale (I have a list of weights for each monday until I get down to 60kg's.  Personal goals are challenges I set myself for the week if I'm feeling good. I don't do this every week.
'The end result is worth the fight.' Girls I know are going on diets, I laugh because it won't last. You have to make a decision to change your life for ever, not just for a week or month or how ever long it will last, it's a fad. I'm not like them. I'm in this for the long hall.

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