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Monday, March 28, 2011

Would you like thighs with that?

(As promised, here is my rant from the other night)

Wouldn’t this world be happier and healthier without the unhealthy fast-food industry? Take McDonalds for example, hundreds of thousands of people stuff their mouths full of the fatty processed foods that McDonalds provide every day. Why? Because it’s fast, easy and affordable. And we wonder why the world now has obesity epidemics popping up everywhere. – FYI; Australia is now leading the world in its battle of the bulge.

I’ve only eaten McDonald’s once since the beginning of the new me. It was an ice-cream cone. I truly feel sorry for the children who’s parents take them to these places as a real meal substitute.
Yes, a cheeseburger once satisfied my appetite, and I used to get the occasional craving for them, but one day last year (after eating one to satisfy the burning desire inside) I felt horribly sick. I felt like there was fat dripping from the walls of my mouth, I could feel my cholesterol rise and my arteries start to clog, I wanted to be sick. I’ve never eaten it again.  Every time I go past McDonald’s now I say to myself, they shouldn’t ask if you’d like fries with that, they should ask if you’d like some more THIGHS with that.

I am still stuck with these thunder thighs, junk in my massive trunk and bingo wings that would put a granny to shame. But one day that will change. For now my self-loathing is a positive motivator that brutally slaps me on the face every time I look in the mirror and says “HEY! You caused this, now you have to change it.” Or “Want some more of this? Then go eat that piece of cake, because at this rate you could go into hibernation and last for a good decade without withering away.”

I have finally found a forbidden food; McDonalds & Hungry Jacks (Aussie version of Burger King). 

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