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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Writing this post = procrastination

Lunch; Breakfast went as planned. 20 sit-ups done so far, I'll do an extra 20 before dinner. I had a bit more at lunch then expected but I'm not really fussed because I know that this feeling of being full will last until dinner, and then at dinner I won't eat as much. No desert tonight thats the plan. should be studying for mondays exam right now but I am kind of over it. Parents have been fighting all morning *sigh* so I currently have earplugs in, i must look like a total dork. On the 26/feb  I wore a pink dress to a birthday party because the original dress didn't fit, underneath it I wore like a slip which pulls in all the fat and smooths out the curves because the dress made me look a bit lumpy (sticking to the stomach fat). I am proud to say that I just tried on the dress (like 2 minutes ago) and I no longer need the slip to hide my stomach lumps and bumps :)  

Fading }|{ Butterfly, thank you for being my first follower! (I think it's crazy that anyone would actually read my ramblings) and also thank you  so much for your comments on my posts, they make me feel like I'm not alone in this battle. I know your a lot smaller than me so I can be your fat-spiration, you can look at me and see what you don't want to be. The website I use for weekly calorie intake is;  
All you do is fill it out and it will tell you first of all if your goals are realistic (the numbers will be red if the goal is not realistic) and second it will show the week, calorie intake per day for that week, and the weight you should be if you follow the plan. 

"You wont get there by making excuses.
You wont get there by eating the food you know are bad.
You wont get there while just thinking about it.
You wont get there while just by imagining it.
You’ll get there by doing it."

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