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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day of rest

Saturday!!! My day of rest- not that I haven't been resting like all week. Oh well today I decided that I'm just going to read. I got up at 10.30!!! sooo late. half the day is gone already. 
Ate 3 cookies last night, it started a feeding frenzy. I raided the whole cupboard to find more cookies. Luckily there were only old oreo's, but I went at them anyway... I soon spat it out because it was soft! Ew lol. 65.5kg's (144.4) this morning.. my parents weren't home, so I could weight myself easily.  
Peaches for breakfast, the tinned stuff.
Thank you for those who wished me well :)  I felt much loved and it meant a lot.
Forgot to mention about when I went to dinner with my friends, the one I who always notices things told me that I'd lost weight again.. haha it's been like 2 months since I've seen them; I've lost heaps since then. 
We once had a conversation on how much we all thought was our best weight that we wanted to be, they said 65kg's for them... I went along and said the same (though in my head it's 60). 
Anywho; She again asked me what my UGW was and I said 60kg's. I don't know what she was thinking because she is very hard to read. 
Well I'm glad that someone knows, but then again I'm not. I know she won't tell anyone, but now it's not like my little secret any more. Oh well.

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