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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Endless cycle

Ate about 1000 calories today. Feeling mega sick though. Won't be doing that again any time soon.
Note to self; going from 600 to 1000 calories is NOT a good idea. Even if it is all vegetarian food and lamington fingers. Oh boy, lamington fingers... my kryptonite. Over the past 2 days I've had 6. They are about 85 calories each. You can see the problem. The worst part is, I wanted so much more, I'm pretty sure I could have finished the packed in one day if I had let myself, and that's not exaggerating.
At least I have proven to myself that I have some self restraint. I can do it after all.
I hate this feeling of being so full, it's like I went so Sizzlers (buffet restaurant in Australia) and stuffed my face with pasta, potato, cheese bread and deserts.
It just goes to prove that my body does not really need that amount of calories. I find that my day works out well if I have a decent breakfast that keeps me going, then a very light lunch or no lunch at all, then I distract myself until dinner and try to have something small at dinner so I don't end up feeling bloated and sick (like I do now). I eat when I'm hungry (mostly) so everything is good.
Was 65.2kg's this morning, probably won't be that tomorrow... argh!

I think nearly everyone fell of the face of the planet with there blogs!

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