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Monday, April 18, 2011

This day of BEAUTY

So totally peeved this morning. 65.7kg’s (144.8 lb). I wanted it to be better than that. ARGH. I’m never satisfied.Why’d I set that challenge? It’s a total bitch. Mission freaking impossible. I better actually try or I can't ask you to do the same.

My scales are dying (under all my weight), it’s never had so much of a work out; I now weight myself at least once a day every day. So now I have to go buy a new one. The problem is, I’m afraid that having a different scale will show a different weight. Do you get what I mean?  At least if I buy my own then I can keep it in my bathroom. I am going to post pictures tomorrow of what I look like now, on my progress page, I can’t take them today- parentals are around. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be NASTY.

I wish people would blog more often! Reading your blogs puts a smile on my dile  :)  
Fading Butterfly; this morning you made me laugh and I really needed it.
And I’m glad that you and the_dark_kight are going to try to do the challenge with me.
Today was a pretty good day (except for a lower weight on the scale, and it would have been good if my dad DIDN'T see my blog, he saw the blog name, so now I've had to delete my history and I'll have to sign out when I'm done to be extra pre-cautious).

My eyes. That’s one thing about me that is truly beautiful. I love my ever-receding stomach. I once had a mega-muffin-top but it is no more. I’m certainly not there yet, but it will one day be flat.I love my hip bones and ribs that will one day stick out and I’ll be able to feel them without having to press through the fat.

To date (from the 14th of February- the official start date) I have lost 4.7 kilograms (10.36 lbs), ok so when you look at it that way, it isn’t really that much but something is better than nothing! From January I have lost about 7.3 kilograms (16.09 lbs). – let’s stick with January :)

So what is beautiful about you? If I can say something about me – even though it’s taken all damn day- then you too can find something about yourself. 


  1. If you buy some new scales, weigh yourself on both to see the difference. I bought my boyfriend some and weighed on mine and then his; there was only 1/2lb difference between them on the same floor but I think his are more accurate as they only weigh 1/2lb more than the ones at Weight Watchers. So when I weigh on mine or his, I deduct a lb so it represents the WW ones. That's just got confusing, did that make sense??

    I'll probably do the challenge later today and dedicate a whole post to it. Watch out for it lol. xx

  2. Awww, girlie, thank you so much for your comment, it made me smile! :) Congratulations on the weight, love! Even if you're not quite satisfied now, it's great, and the number is only going to go down, I know!

    I'm sorry that your dad caught a glimpse of your blog, I really hope it doesn't happen again. Ah, different scales, different numbers... I truly hate that.

    And what is beautiful about me? I still tend to doubt myself too much, but the feature I always get compliments on (even from strangers) are my eyes, which are a green-blue color, so I guess they must be pretty.

    Lots of love to you, and I hope you have a wonderful (and a very successful) week!

  3. Hang in there hun. You are making progress. You once told me "Slow and steady wins the long term race".

    I hate buying a new scale. Last time I've did that it was 2 pounds off, I was heavier then I thought. Sad to say I was crushed, but it's important to move on from that.

    I'm glad my post this morning could make you laugh. You've offered a lot of encouraging and positive words to me and I hope that I can do the same to you.

    I'm not going to list what I like (physically) about myself here but I will blog about it and tell others to do the same. I think it's a great challenge and something we should do at least once a week, if not everyday.

    And you can have my snow. I'm a Canadian, but I only want snow during the WINTER, not SPRING. Did you end up seeing Sucker Punch? Was it awesome?! I'm so jealous if you did see it. Also what other shows do you watch? A few of the regular shows I watch are: House, How I Met You Mother, Glee, Doctor Who, CSI and Lost Girl. Damn I watch a lot of TV...

    Hope you are well and safe. Stay strong!