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Friday, April 8, 2011

Update on dinner

Oh my, If I died right now, I would be one happy girl. Dinner was FANTASTIC. I had a great time, great service and excellent food. As previously mentioned, it's a set 3 course meal, but I only has 1/3 of my entree, 2/3 of my main and the whole desert. I ate the whole desert and it was worth every single bite. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. Nom nom nom nom nom!
If I get on the scale tomorrow and the number is 67kg's then so be it! It was worth it! I know I'll feel differently tomorrow so I'm savouring every moment.
Food is my friend and that why I'm fat., but it felt good to just let go for one night.
I haven't been able to go near my beloved pasta because of the fear of being out of control. But we've skipped Autumn and pretty much gone into winter early so it's COLD! (For Australia anyway), and that means I am sure to be having it soon. Its been easier to just not have it, the to have it and realise that I would give in. WOULD, not any more. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!! lol I'm a tad happy, I think they spiked my mocktail... :)  Have a great day all you fellow bloggers. Don't be afraid to face your fears, It's the only way we learn and it shows how far we've come.

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