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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday Weigh In... 11.April.11

Success! 66.1kg's (145.7) this morning. Totally beat this weeks personal goal (66.5kg's).
Actual goal for 11.04.11 67.3kg's (148.4).

Went to the Fremantle Bakehouse today for brunch, best blueberry muffins EVER! 
But, I decided to have a fruit salad instead, though I bought the muffin for later. Also had a cheese twist.

Feeling pretty stuffed up- sickness wise- and I have a headache which is not making my mood any good but at least it means I won't be snacking, and all I'm having for dinner is a salad. I really just need peace and quiet right now.
This weeks personal goal; 65.7kg's (144.8). I have to get out of the 66kg area.
I'm now going to lay down with my ice-cold water and have a few panadol.

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