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Friday, April 1, 2011

Krazy Kitty

So my cat just chucked a major psycho so I ran out of the room to find him, I turned on the light to find another cat outside egging him on. My cat was on one side of the glass, and this cat was on the other.

There is a moral to this story, well not so much a moral, but it reminds me of my week. I was the glass. Both my friends were going at each other. I refused to take sides, so I was literally in the middle. Switzerland.
The psycho part reminds me of my mind and mood this week. Total yoyo. Extreme opposites at times. Take today for instance, I was sooo unenthused, then in car, I brake out dancing and bouncing up and down and singing my heart out to poor Queen, Taylor Swift, Ben E. King & 3 Doors Down. (I pretty much like every type of music except death metal or that marilyn manson type crap).

Weight this morning; 67.0kg's (147.7).

Test went well today. Think I passed. (It doesn't have a % it's just pass or fail)
Monday's test results came in; 78%  Happy with it, I think.
Assignment due tuesday. Have heaps to go, so I'll be at uni again tomorrow (saturday) and maybe even sunday. I'll be glad when its over, but then I have to start my mental health assignment which is due 2 weeks later, but I have prac so I won't be able to work on it.

ARGH! So busy! At least I'll be getting plenty of exercise.

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