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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pit of Despair

Post from earlier today;
Feeling vulnerable today. I’m wearing my skintight dress and I can see the fat wobble on my legs when I walk past a window, I bought a jacket to cover them while I sit down. Why do you guys even follow me? I’m nothing special. I might as well be no one. I’m just another soul consuming oxygen and food, producing nothing but carbon dioxide and fat.
I’m upset because everyone else out there is blog world is getting smaller and smaller yet I can’t seem to move my weight down fast enough. Went from 66kg’s yesterday to 66.3kg’s today- I didn’t even have 800 calories!!. I have this lump in my throat that I can’t seem to get rid of, and the acid in my stomach is not cool. I had my normal breakfast; 2 sliced of bread with peanut butter, so I do no why it burns. I should have stayed with the darn yoghurt. Tomorrow & Sunday will be yoghurt only for breakfast.
The worst part is, I’m going out for dinner today (for my Mum’s friends party thing), it’s a set 3 course meal. Earlier in the week I allocated 1200calories for today. Lets hope I can forget 800 calories and just have a good time.

 Post from now :)
On the up side; I made this awesome chicken soup thing yesterday. I just made it because I wanted to, I didn’t use a recipe. It was raining last night and it’s starting to get cooler here now so I’m glad I made it.
Ingredients; mushrooms, carrot, bok choi, red cabbage, broccoli, peas, 1kg of chicken drums, 2 chicken stock cubes, 1.5L of water, salt for seasoning, cinnamon, crushed garlic and ginger. It tastes SO good! Plus it’s really healthy. 

Ok so I've gotten out of my pity-party-for-one mood. I still don't have a clue why anyone follows me (I now have 4 followers!) I've decided to just go out and have a good time tonight. I'll be doing my reading for mental health while I wait for my parents to arrive at the restaurant.
Stuff looking on the bad side, I need to be looking at how far I've come, how much I've already achieved! In January I was 73 KG'S (160.9 lbs)!!! Now I'm like 66.5 (?) (146.6). 
That's 6.5kg's (14.3 lbs)!!! 

P.s. You may notice that I've changed things up a bit, I've added some colour to my stats and also some more goals. Already ticked one off, can't wait for the rest to be as well!


  1. That soup sounds yummy; how did you make it?

    Thanks for both comments- I still see my thighs and my bottom merged as one :( even though I know they aren't anymore.

    I'm glad my photos inspired you- I'm looking forward to them :p xx

  2. In a really really big saucepan;
    I first sautéed the mushrooms with a tiny bit of margarine, until they were soft and brown. I then added the carrot and peas. I put the lid on and turned the heat down a bit. Once some steam had built up, I added crushed garlic (2tbsp?) and crushed ginger (1tbsp). I mixed that in with a wooden spoon. I put in the chicken drums next and put the lid back on to let them sort of cook for a bit.
    Then I added so cinnamon, put the lid back on to get the flavour of the cinnamon to sink into the chicken. Then I added all the other vegetables, and chicken stock water (chicken stock cube made up in 1L of boiling water), the another half of a cube with less water (the other half of the cube I broke up and sprinkled over the top. Add some salt and bring to the boil. Then simmer with the lid on for an hour!