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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Miss not Piggy

Went out for dinner tonight.. before I go any further I want you all to know that this year is THE MOST I've ever been out to dinner.... anyway, we wen't out to tea & I found it really hard to order, I ended up getting a grilled chicken burger (instead of a crispy chicken one which is deep fried) and I asked for no cheese, onion or ranch sauce, and it was with a side of curly fries (it just normal fries but curly like pigs tales). I think I did well.
Then when it came time to eat it, I cut my burger in half because I decided that my goal would be to only eat half. I did better than that, I cut my half into 3 sections and ate only 2 of them. Yay me :)
I had 2 coke zero's instead of a milkshake or even regular soft drink.
I feel like I've accomplished something tonight. The best part is, it looked like I ate more then I did because I cut the other half in 2 and gave a slice each to my parents.
I'm thinking of starting a dance class soon, at the moment its only for middle aged people but my Mum is going to ask if they have one for youth. If they don't I think I'll just put up with the old people. It's only $12 a week so its not a bad price.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, (Friday-up until dinner) & saturday next week I am restricting. I've been a bit lazy this week so it's my punishment. I'm going down to 800 calories max per day.

"The end result is worth the fight."

Personal Goal for Monday the 11th of April; 66.5 kg's (146.6)

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